The water of champions
Pure Ionic Water
now available for everyone

Pure Ionic Water™ is a water system that naturally and permanently alkalises your water for drinking. It removes the harmful levels of pollutants, heavy metals, chemicals, and hormones, including estrogens. All essential elements are then added into the water for an optimum affect on your health and wellbeing.


Available in multiple configurations for the home, workplace, outdoors, and the hospitality industry, there is a Pure Ionic Water solution for you.

Water Filtration Machines Installed
Plastic Bottles Saved
Litres of Pure Ionic Water™ Supplied

Full of Anti-Oxidants

Mon Eau not only filters and ionizes your water, but our system also adds nutrients and anti-oxidants. Request a water sample test to prove the nutritional value of your water, before and after. The data will speak for itself!

Magnesium-Rich Water

Coffee lover? Then you’ll love our water. Coffee literally tastes better when brewed with Pure Ionic Water™. High in magnesium, it extracts the coffee flavours, enabling you to enjoy a more rounded, deeper flavour from your coffee.

Loaded with Power

It’s no secret that top-performing athletes, including the champions of European football, drink Pure Ionic Water™. Why? Because it is the only water that adequately meets the hydration and mineral needs of high-level athletes.

Hydrating pH Levels

Pure Ionic Water™ has a high alkaline pH level, providing you with a superior hydration performance. Drinking 1 litre of Pure Ionic Water™ is equal to 1.3 litres of most tap and bottled waters! Take our taste test to try for yourself.

Filtered, not Stripped

Even though we filter the water, we are not stripping out essential minerals and vitamins. In fact, the water comes out with more nutrients after filtration. That’s the secret to our power.

Ongoing Testing & Maintenance

Sign up for Mon Eau and we’ll come and supply our system for you, maintain it and keep it performing as well as the athletes that drink it! Pop into our showroom to find out more.

We respect the environment by reducing your plastic waste while delivering a superior water

Step 1

Come into our showroom and take the taste test

Step 2

We come and install your very own Mon Eau machine

Step 3

Start saving money whilst enjoying superior water

Step 4

Help save the environment with your reduced bottled water consumption

Get ready to perform at your potential

Mon Eau allows you and your body to perform and maintain optimum hydration
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Let’s take the next step and work together to eliminate single-use plastic drinking bottles