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The first Pure Ionic Water™ system was installed in Thirty-Nine Monte-Carlo, one of the most advanced sports facilities in Southern Europe. Some of their members include tennis stars,  rugby players, F1 drivers and other elite sports personalities.

Mon Eau’s Pure Ionic Water™ is now available for everyone not just sports professionals. We provide clean, refreshing water with added minerals and antioxidants. 

6 Reasons to Install a Mon Eau Pure Ionic Water™ system

1. Supreme Water Enhancement

Mon Eau uses a natural patented process specifically designed to capture up to 99% of the impurities (such as dirt, bacteria, microplastics, contaminants and chlorine). These can affect taste, smell and appearance of the water. The result is the clean, safe and pure ionic drinking water, filled with anti-oxidants and available with a high alkaline level.

2. Reduce Cost Improve Profit

Our water enhancement systems can directly replace the need bottled mineral water. Pure Ionic Water ™ can be dispensed into reusable, refillable glass bottles, eliminating the waste and cost of disposable, single-use plastic or glass bottles. It also eliminates the need for transporting, storing and refrigerating bought-in mineral water.

3. Fit For All Sized Spaces

We offer a wide choice of drinking water systems. Our systems are extremely compact and self contained. Each system is connected to the mains water supply and powered by a standard 13amp socket, enabling the system to fit seamlessly into any kitchen, bar or working environment.

4. Taste & Quality

Purity, taste and cleanliness are vitally important elements of drinking water. Mon Eau systems provide consistency in flavour by removing the chlorine that results in the bitterness of tap water.  

5. Increase Productivity, Health & Wellbeing

Even with slight dehydration you can experience headaches, sluggishness, low moods, disorientation and stress. Hydrating with Pure Ionic Water™ can prevent all of this.

6. Make It Your Own

Our commercial systems can be personalised and dispense water into branded reusable bottles. Our systems can be customised to fit your exact requirements and are available to purchase or rent. Complete flexibility that serves you.

don’t take our word for it. come and taste it for yourself.

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Pure Ionic Water™ is created by an Eco Activated Ultrafiltration (EAU) system that is completely different from the ionised electrolysis variant because it mimics nature’s process for producing pure, healthy drinking alkaline mineral water. Natural filtration adsorption cleanses the particles in the water, such as heavy metals and chemicals, and then activates the water with minerals, just as nature does when flowing over mineral rocks. The resulting stabilised alkaline pH of the water is due to the nutritional trace alkaline minerals and not by “man-made” water wasting electrolysis, which is the only way an ioniser can alkaline water and is unstable as soon as the power-wasting electrical current subsides.

Just as the ancient peoples of Egypt and Rome purified and gave water life, its alkaline pH develops naturally from the “alkaline” trace minerals that are infused and bonded to its molecules.

The water is transformed at a molecular level, modifying the pH and creating naturally occurring hydrogen antioxidants. The unwanted particle contaminants are reduced from the water by attaching themselves to the organic recyclable material. Therefore, the activated enhancement process is completely natural, healthy, economical, and produces no waste.

The Eco Activated Ultrafiltration (EAU) enhancement system is the only natural mineralised system we know of which mimics nature and creates fresh great-tasting drinking water, free of particle contaminants, with a perfect trace mineral profile, true alkalinity, and naturally occurring anti-aging hydrogen antioxidants.

Preventing single-use plastic containing water at the Monaco Yacht Show was key and Pure Ionic Water™ was the perfect, superior water partner

Monaco Yacht Show

I literally could not be happier with the water!

Thirty Nine

Amazing work! Hydration and the environment are equally important to us.

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