the water of champions 

Elite Sports was developed by Pure Ionic Water™ in conjunction with trainers, sports scientists, and nutritionists. It provides a growing number of elite sports stars with the ultimate hydration technology. Top-level athletes, Premier League football teams and Premiership rugby clubs insist on Pure Ionic Water™ because it is proven to rehydrate the body faster than any other commercially available water. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and it promotes optimum performance. To be the best, you have to drink the best.

The Benefits

No pollutants: bacteria, metals, hormones (including estrogen), pesticides, chemicals, and nitrates removed.
Elite Sports is the only system that removes estrogens.
Elite Sports water is enriched with minerals, electrolytes and salts, helping maintain essential internal balance.
Enhances rehydration which increases mental focus and stamina, and decreases recovery and rehabilitation time. Provides clean water which therefore enhances hydration.
Can provide the optimum alkalinity of 9.5 if required. In some fields, there is a belief that an increase in alkalinity will promote transportation of other nutrient supplements, minerals, salts, and protein into the cells.
The technology behind Pure Ionic Water™ can remove all traces of microplastics from water and help remove plastic waste in Elite sports.

The Pure Ionic Water™ solution is the best way to stay hydrated without plastic during exercise and the best, bottle-free, source of re-hydration and electrolytes to assist recovery.

Our portable and under sink solutions carry out a multi-step filtration process. The cleaned water is enhanced with proprietary electrolytes. The electrolytes help regulate fluid balance, enable nutrient transfer, assist the performance of the nervous system, assist muscle recovery and support the health of joints and tendons.


You can source electrolytes in two ways, by either purchasing electrolyte supplements or intaking them from food. We enhance the cleaned water with all necessary minerals using natural technology and techniques, therefore aiding digestion, absorption and transfer of recovery nutrients.

the advantage of a stack of Electrolytes

Your body requires chloride, potassium, sodium, and magnesium to conduct normal biochemical functions. Electrolytes are electrically charged positive or negative ions that maintain nerve and muscle functions, assist the transfer and absorption of nutrients, maintain fluid balance and assist in the regulation of body pH. When you naturally loose fluids through sweat, urination, or vomiting, you lose electrolytes. If you have an inadequate diet, they may also be lacking. Low electrolytes can cause health complications by reducing the body’s natural ability to recover.

What happens when you drink cleaned, enhanced water?

Your body responds well to clean water as it has only h2o and naturally occurring electrolytes to handle and no other impurities to hinder absorption through osmosis. Pure Ionic Water™ water does not contain pesticides, insecticides, hormones, plastics, bacteria, metals, and/or other impurities. We clean mains, sea, river, and lake water and convert that source into a premium hydration resource.

6 REASONS TO INSTALL A MON EAU Pure Ionic Water™ system

1. Supreme Water Enhancement

Mon Eau will install a unique system that uses a natural patented process specifically designed to capture up to 99% of the impurities (such as dirt, bacteria, microplastics, contaminants, and chlorine) that affect the taste, smell, and appearance of drinking water. This unique process ensures that our systems deliver fresh, consistent, and great-tasting drinking water while protecting against the occasional cryptosporidium contamination of mains water. The result is the cleanest, safest, and purest tasting drinking water, filled with anti-oxidants and a high alkaline level of up to 10pH.

2. Reduce Cost, Improve Profit

Our water enhancement systems can directly replace the need for pre-bottled mineral water and be sold at standard prices, resulting in greater profits. Pure Ionic Water ™ can be dispensed into reusable, refillable glass bottles, eliminating the waste and cost of disposable, single-use plastic or glass bottles. It also eliminates the need for transporting, storing, and refrigeration of bought-in mineral water.

3. Fits All Spaces

We offer a wide choice of drinking water systems that can serve the needs of any type of business. In general, our systems are extremely compact in size and contained within a fully integrated, sleek stainless steel cabinet, rarely exceeding half a metre in height, width, or depth. Each system is connected to the mains water supply and powered by just a standard 13amp socket, enabling the system to fit seamlessly into any kitchen, bar, or working environment.

4. Taste & Quality

Purity, taste, and cleanliness are vitally important elements of drinking water. However, these elements are also applicable to the catering industry. Premium, enhanced water can have generous benefits to the food served in restaurants and dining establishments. Our systems provide consistency in flavour by removing the chlorine that results in bitterness in tap water. Cooking in sparkling water can also help improve the taste of vegetables and stocks. The level of CO2 can be adjusted at the supply so the taste can be completely optimised. The unique patented process removes up to 99% of the impurities in tap water, resulting in great-tasting Pure Ionic Water™ that is perfect for restaurants.

5. Increase Productivity, Health & Wellbeing

It’s vital that we don’t underestimate the importance of water consumption in and out of the workplace. Once we start to dehydrate, we can quickly experience feelings of disorientation and stress, which can have a major impact on productivity. Hydrating with Pure Ionic Water™ can prevent headaches, sluggishness, and low moods, especially during the hour after lunch when productivity levels can dip considerably. Hydrating with Pure Ionic Water™ can reduce sickness and absence levels, enabling you to get more done, meet deadlines and retain your best staff. When your employees stay hydrated, they can improve their immune systems and therefore avoid costly absences. Water even has an improved impact on employee hygiene levels.

6. Make It Your Own

What makes Mon Eau unique is the ability to totally customise your front-of-house experience. Every filtered water system can dispense water into elegant and stylish, reusable glass bottles with your brand’s logo or message printed directly onto it. This provides customers, in the hospitality sector, with a unique opportunity to serve great-tasting Pure Ionic Water™ that matches your brand — creating an additional upsell revenue stream for premium filtered water. Our systems can be customised to fit your exact requirements and are available to purchase or rent. Complete flexibility that serves you.

Pure Ionic Water™ is alkaline mineral water that was developed for elite sports

Average single-use carbon filters in 100% of the existing bar and restaurant filtration systems do not remove the now established microplastics or harmful body hormones including estrogen and pollutants, actually reducing the quality of water and are itself a health hazard if not maintained correctly.

With our new Mon Eau elite sports systems, your water will be filtered and all essential elements will be added in order to create the best, great-tasting Pure Ionic Water™. There is growing evidence to suggest that drinking alkaline mineral water induces beneficial effects on human physiology and process mediate healing and repair.

Our range of elite sports systems provide chilled, ambient, and sparkling water, all at the touch of a button. We serve all gyms, clubs, and sports centers of all types and sizes, so whether you are in need of a branded drinking experience for your club or a complete refreshment solution for your training facilities, we have the systems and expertise to make it happen.

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