For restaurants, bars, hotels, and events, Mon Eau has a solution for you


Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, and Cafes

Whatever the size of your establishment, we have a solution for you.
We use an innovative, workable, circular economic model with no capital expenditure for the bar, restaurant, or hotel. Mon Eau is at the forefront of the campaign to reduce CO2 emissions of single-use glass bottles and their transportation as well as single-use plastic water bottles that are polluting our planet and killing marine life.
We are offering you a solution allowing you to profit from supporting these major environmental concerns.


Trade Shows and Festivals

Mon Eau has a large collection of water dispensers and hydration stations available for all sizes and scales of events, from product launches to music festivals. The products all dispense Mon Eau’s great tasting, high alkaline, award-winning Pure Ionic Water™. It is important to note that this is not simply filtered water. We have certifications and patents which support our claim that we supply the best water on the planet.
We are proud to announce that WET Group is the official supplier of water to the Monaco Yacht Show again this year. Pure Ionic Water™ will be keeping owners, guests, and crew hydrated with the water of champions. Mon Eau is the official distributor of Pure Ionic Water™ in Monaco and will be on hand to take all inquiries. During the Monaco Yacht Show, come down, meet us and taste how great the water really is.


Fitness Clubs and Spas

The ability to serve thousands of people simultaneously is key to reducing crowds and satisfying return on investment. We’ve developed high-capacity systems that deliver instant boiling, chilled, and sparkling filtered water with fast-fill performance and reliability. We also have a range of system solutions that can be installed in the tightest of spaces with customised set-ups to cater to the smallest of venues.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the very best solution when it comes to mains-fed drinking water systems. We’ve spent years developing how water, health, sustainability, and value for money can be combined to transform the way organisations provide drinking water to their customers or staff. Our wide range of water enhancement systems provide hot, chilled, still or sparkling water, all at the touch of a button.

We serve businesses of all sizes, so whether you’re in need of a branded drinking experience for your restaurant or a complete refreshment solution for your event, we have the expertise to make it happen. Throughout your time with Mon Eau we offer expert support, striving to make your experience as stress-free as possible. We help guide you through the process of selecting the perfect system for your needs and carry out a hassle-free installation.

6 reasons to install a Mon Eau Pure Ionic Water™ system

1. Supreme Water Enhancement

Mon Eau will install a unique system that uses a natural patented process specifically designed to capture up to 99% of the impurities (such as dirt, bacteria, microplastics, contaminants, and chlorine) that affect the taste, smell, and appearance of drinking water. This unique process ensures that our systems deliver fresh, consistent, and great-tasting drinking water while protecting against the occasional cryptosporidium contamination of mains water. The result is the cleanest, safest, and purest tasting drinking water, filled with anti-oxidants and a high alkaline level of up to 10pH.

2. Reduce Cost Improve Profit

Our water enhancement systems can directly replace the need for pre-bottled mineral water and be sold at standard prices, resulting in greater profits. Pure Ionic Water ™ can be dispensed into reusable, refillable glass bottles, eliminating the waste and cost of disposable, single-use plastic or glass bottles. It also eliminates the need for transporting, storing, and refrigeration of bought-in mineral water.

3. Fits All Spaces

We offer a wide choice of drinking water systems that can serve the needs of any type of business. In general, our systems are extremely compact in size and contained within a fully integrated, sleek stainless steel cabinet, rarely exceeding half a metre in height, width, or depth. Each system is connected to the mains water supply and powered by just a standard 13amp socket, enabling the system to fit seamlessly into any kitchen, bar, or working environment.

4. Taste & Quality

Purity, taste, and cleanliness are vitally important elements of drinking water. However, these elements are also applicable to the catering industry. Premium, enhanced water can have generous benefits to the food served in restaurants and dining establishments. Our systems provide consistency in flavour by removing the chlorine that results in bitterness in tap water. Cooking in sparkling water can also help improve the taste of vegetables and stocks. The level of CO2 can be adjusted at the supply so the taste can be completely optimised. The unique patented process removes up to 99% of the impurities in tap water, resulting in great-tasting Pure Ionic Water™ that is perfect for restaurants.

5. Increase Productivity, Health & Wellbeing

It’s vital that we don’t underestimate the importance of water consumption in and out of the workplace. Once we start to dehydrate, we can quickly experience feelings of disorientation and stress, which can have a major impact on productivity. Hydrating with Pure Ionic Water™ can prevent headaches, sluggishness, and low moods, especially during the hour after lunch when productivity levels can dip considerably. Hydrating with Pure Ionic Water™ can reduce sickness and absence levels, enabling you to get more done, meet deadlines and retain your best staff. When your employees stay hydrated, they can improve their immune systems and therefore avoid costly absences. Water even has an improved impact on employee hygiene levels.

6. Make It Your Own

What makes Mon Eau unique is the ability to totally customise your front-of-house experience. Every filtered water system can dispense water into elegant and stylish, reusable glass bottles with your brand’s logo or message printed directly onto it. This provides customers, in the hospitality sector, with a unique opportunity to serve great-tasting Pure Ionic Water™ that matches your brand — creating an additional upsell revenue stream for premium filtered water. Our systems can be customised to fit your exact requirements and are available to purchase or rent. Complete flexibility that serves you.

The Pure Ionic Water™ bar and restaurant water system processes a natural non-acidic, great-tasting, anti-oxidant water for drinking, at any required volume.

Average single-use carbon filters used in 100% of existing bar and restaurant filtration systems do not remove the now established microplastics or harmful body hormones including estrogens and pollutants. These factors reduce the quality of the water and are in itself an health hazard if not maintained correctly.

There is growing evidence to suggest that drinking alkaline mineral water induces beneficial effects on the human physiology and processes that mediate healing and repair.

Our wide range of bar and restaurant Pure Ionic Water™ enhancement systems provide chilled and sparkling water, all at the touch of a button. We serve businesses of all types and sizes, so whether you’re in need of a branded drinking experience for your restaurant or hotel, or a complete refreshment solution for your multi-storey office, we have the systems and expertise to make it happen.

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