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Did you know tap water and plastic bottles can contain harmful pollutants? Europe commonly has hard water, which causes pipes and boilers to clog up with limescale and provides a breeding ground for bacteria.

Pure Ionic Water systems remove harmful levels of pollutants, heavy metals, chemicals and hormones. Essential elements are added to our water making it rich in anti-oxidants and hydroxide ions. Pure Ionic Water™ is known to boost energy and treat dermatological complaints. 

At-home solutions

We have a variety of solutions including under sink and entire home systems. We will be happy to discuss any of your hydration needs.

Full after sales & servicing support

With our extensive installation team in and around monaco we can get you drinking our pure ionic water in as little as 2 days.

Helping your wallet

Our water can be very cost effective, with the added benefit of no transportation or disposal headaches.

Helping the environment

By drinking Mon Eau you are contributing to reducing the number of plastic bottles going into the environment.

our home solutions

Whatever your budget there is a Pure Ionic Water system for you

Single systems

Our clever systems are maintenance free. Each system is designed to fit neatly under the sink and can be delivered with a choice of taps.

The White System’s eco-activated ultrafiltration enhancement process is an exclusive, patented technology, different from other filters because it mimics nature’s process for producing pure, healthy drinking water. It removes up to 99.9% of all particle impurities, adsorbs bacteria to 0.02 microns, and then enriches the water by adding minerals to it.

  • No power supply is required.
  • The White System has a DigiFlow water volume consumption counter that runs on a battery.
  • Anti-oxidant boost

The Blue System contains exclusive, patented technology, which is different from other filters because it mimics nature’s process for producing pure, healthy drinking water. It removes up to 99.9% of all particle impurities, adsorbs bacteria to 0.02 microns, and then adds essential minerals to produce a stable pH alkaline mineral water rich in hydrogen antioxidants.

  • The Blue System has a digital water consumption counter & an early filtration change warning.
  • High anti-oxidant boost

The Silver filtration/absorption system is based on the natural osmosis principle, providing enhanced filtration of up to 99.9% of all solids as well as adsorbing virus and bacteria down to 0.001 of a micron. It was developed for professional use but is also perfect for home drinking water needs. This system adds another 17 minerals and electrolytes to maintain the healthy functions of your body and assists recovery from sports.

  • Exploits a supply voltage of 300W only when it is delivering water.
  • LCD display shows total water delivery, last 30 days delivery, total time since installation (operation), total savings, & last 30 days savings
  • Early filtration change warning
  • Protection against flooding
  • Maximum anti-oxidant boost
Systems installed
Litres of water supplied

Full home system

Bathroom water with lower Ph to be kinder on skin and to stop reduce hair frizz.
Kitchen water with higher Ph and increased anti bacterial properties.
Post exercise water with added minerals and electrolytes to improve performance and recovery.

This bespoke package treats the water as it enters your home or place of work, creating the perfect water to drink, wash and bathe. The system connects to the mains water supply, preventing hard water scale build up and providing cleaner, healthier and better tasting water. The bathroom, kitchen, boiler, pipes, radiators, dish washer, fridge water and washing machine are all protected from hard built up, mineral lime scale corrosion. Our system uses no electricity and is the most sustainable, environmentally friendly system, which provides your whole home or building different pH levels optimal for its intended purpose.

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Help Your Wallet

By installing Pure Ionic Water™ home systems, you can save money. In hard water areas, our mineral suspending system will effectively and naturally soften water, preventing expensive limescale build-up without the need to add salt. You can eliminate the need to purchase bottled water, a perfect solution if you are looking for a healthy, environmentally sound alternative to bottled water.

Select Your Tap & System

Upgrade your system with a chiller/carbonator to serve carbonated and/or chilled Pure Ionic WaterTM (special tap required). Choose one of our packs including either an extendable, professional “Chef’s tap” or multi-dispensing faucets (subject to site survey).

Help The Planet

We are proud of our environmentally responsible approach to business. By installing Pure Ionic Water™ systems in your home, you avoid the need to purchase plastic bottled water. Over 2 billion plastic water bottles are disposed of every week, clogging up landfill sites and the ocean, where they cause lethal harm to marine life. The Pure Ionic Water™ requires no power, no chemicals and produces no waste.

Track Your Savings

If you opt to link to the Water Smart Foundation site and register your annual bottle count saving, this will enable us to support the foundation and help prevent millions of single-use plastic bottles from polluting our planet, especially our oceans and our marine life.

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