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 Estrogen contamination from products such as birth control and estrogen therapy has led to possible health concerns when consumed from drinking water sources. It is unhealthy for the human body, animals, and the environment, causing feminization in humans and the birth of more females. In order to make the removal of estrogen more practical, multiple filtration methods where tested to determine which method was the most efficient and practical to use. From gathered research, graphitized carbon was hypothesized to be the most efficient and practical method of estrogen removal from water. It is both inexpensive and made of fine material. After three rounds of experimentation with the filters, GCB (Graphitized Carbon Black) was found to be the most effective filtration material for estrogen removal. Although it was not more effective than some of the filter that are specially designed to purify water (the Oasis products), it was the most effective and practical material that was used, removing 98-100 percent of the estrogen compounds on each of the tests. Therefore, GCB was found to be the most efficient and practical filtration material overall. 

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